Don’t s on a self drive in Rwanda

Rental companies do their best to make your time on safari enjoyable,they take all precautions to remove the doughts of why a self drive in Rwanda is not a good idea but as it is some things must be known to the tourist as well.

Rwandans are soft people, courteous, very friendly and have lots patience,that welcoming you is as id its a must to the whole country.but this may change sooner after getting too deep in your trip because of the language barrier. people here understand only french and kinyarwanda meaning communication will be hard, they are not good at English at all as its not even their third language. here if you need to know something very important you may fail.

The normal rules of the road do  exist in Rwanda–  though people may drive recklessly causing serous  accidents.traffic laws are not enforced and neither are they obeyed by the users on the good not however In Rwanda Road Conditions have improved and the high accident rate has dropped.  Law-enforcement is also helping to do this. Rwanda is better than Uganda to drive in, however it can still drive you mad.

at a certain percentage in agriculture in Rwanda ,allot of obstacles will be encounters  on the road in transporting or grazing cows, goats, chicken and people in villages. which you may accidentally hit and cause your self issues and end up in police much worse if they did not orient you in your self-drive.

with a a seasoned driver-guide he will know all the dangers  of driving at night and rules of the road which in most cases at night do change accordingly most especially when caught driving while drinking and the headlights that come direct to you as its very common for drivers not to adjust at all.

its not that self drive in Rwanda is not a good idea but taking precautions and staying safe would be a much better option than risking  a journey planned for long.taking up an extra cost for the guide to show you so much more than you  have on your itinerary and experiencing nature with comfort would be perfect.


About rwandaautorental

If you prefer to be behind the wheels and take your own trail or prefer to be in company of a local driver guide to give you deep insights about Rwanda, Whatever your choice self drive and car rental purpose maybe, all is absolutely possible with Auto rental Rwanda. Are you arriving or departing at an odd hour? Talk with our team, we are flexible and glad to make arrangements to accommodate your travel plans.
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